Former Television Star Dances to Sia with His Mini Horse and It Will Make Your Day

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Jake Nodar via Instagram

Jake Nodar and his miniature horse dress up for Halloween, and their dance to Sia pretty much wins the Internet. 

You may already know Jake Nodar. He's a horse trainer, but also starred in Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid." What you might not know is that Nodar has a grey miniature horse named Tyrion, and the two do an amazing dance to Sia.

A little round pen work for Ari. #horse #summerdays #instagay

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For Halloween, Nodar and Tyrion dressed up like pop star Sia, complete with wigs and leotards. And then they filmed this video. And the Internet bowed down to their amazingness.

From the looks of it, Nodar and Tyrion have a great relationship. Nodar's Instagram account is filled with pictures of the two of them.

He makes me feel butch AF! #mylittlepony #brony #fitness #instagay #scruff

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Unicorn power. #mylittlepony #unicorn #brony #instagay

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Cowboy life #cowboy #brony #mylittlepony #horse #horsesofinstagram #butch #mascformasc #instagay #scruff

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It looks like Nodar and Tyrion have plenty of good times together. And we love Tyrion's stunning good looks! Tyrion is a great example of a miniature horse kept at a healthy weight. It's easy for mini horses to gain too much weight, but we'd say Tyrion gets lots of exercise and training to help keep him fit.

Mini horses can be trained to do many things, including pull carts and even serve as therapy animals. Tyrion's trick training is pretty great!

The Internet may have been won with this pair's Sia dance. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on them to see what fun stunts they come up with next.

You can see more photos of Nodar and Tyrion on Nodar's Instagram account. But be warned: Some of the images are not safe for work, so browse carefully!

Do you love this little duo? Tell us in the comments below. 

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