Man Creates Dog Sled Team in Missouri Consisting of Adopted Siberian Huskies

Posted by Allie Layos
Siberian Huskies

This dog sled team lets adopted Siberian Huskies live the high life. 

Originally, Richie Camden was looking for a single dog to become his jogging partner. Today, his dog ownership has grown to encompass an entire dog sled team, entirely made up of adopted dogs.

The team, known as the Breakaway Siberian Dog Sled Team, is based out of Hillsboro, Missouri, and all the dogs on the team, except for the lead dog, were adopted.

A dog sled team in Missouri may seem like a strange idea, but Camden was originally planning on moving out of Missouri. Though he ended up staying, he's still found ways to make the team work.

"We do have enough cold weather where we can continue to do it, we just have to get up at odd hours," he said, in an interview with Fox 2 Now.

Camden views his dogs as pets first and athletes second. He and his wife own thirteen Huskies and one Pomeranian, and often host other dogs from the community that train and run with the team.

"Altogether we'll sometimes have up to eighteen dogs at our house," he said.

The sledding is a major reason that this arrangement works.

"We just give them the exercise that they need, and they're absolutely amazing pets," he said.

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