Man with Cat Phobia Cannot Handle Punishment by Kittens

Posted by TF Oren

If you haven't seen the TV show "Impractical Jokers," you're missing out.

The show stars four middle-age guys (Sal, Q, Murr, and Joe) who've been friends since high school. They compete to embarrass each other in public, and the loser of each episode gets punished.

Past punishments have ranged from throwing acrophobic Murr out of a plane to forcing Q to teach a sex ed class to his parents to three of the four Jokers getting tattooed in a historic "permanent punishment."

In this clip, you're about to see Sal, the group's resident germaphobe, get chained to the ground and forced to face one of his biggest fears: cats.

For many, getting covered in kittens would be considered a treat. But not for Sal. Watch as he squirms, sweats, and says, "Whole wheat." We dare you not to laugh.

This is why it pays to be a winner, Sal:

Click here to see more of the Jokers' hilarious exploits, including Sal's other cat-related punishment. You won't be disappointed!

What do you think of Sal's breakdown? Let us know in the comments section!

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Man with Cat Phobia Cannot Handle Punishment by Kittens