Mama Horse Teaches Her Baby How to Leap Bravely and Conquer This Small Wall

Posted by Mateja Lane

Obstacles in life can sometimes take the shape of a small rock wall. Good thing we have our moms to show us how it's done. 

When this little colt just can't bring himself to jump this rock wall, mama mare comes back to help.

She teaches her foal that sometimes in life all you need is a little running start.

What would we do without our mothers?

This little foal badly wants to join his mother on the other side, where the paddock looks greener. But the small rock wall is really stunting his confidence.

Over comes mom to save the day. She trots over the wall with ease and brings her colt to the fence for a pep talk. Then she shows him how to get a little momentum before hopping over the little wall. The little horse is so proud of himself once he gets over the obstacle. He shoots off running, flicking his tail with a new-found confidence.

Moms teach their babies the most important things in life, including how to face their fears and be brave. Now this little colt doesn't have to be afraid to jump because he knows his mama will be on the other side waiting with encouragement.

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