Mama Donkey Guards Her Injured Baby Until Help Arrives

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Think mama bears are fierce protectors? Try mama donkeys. 

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received a call about a severely injured baby donkey. According to reports, the little donkey had been attacked by some kind of animal and was covered in bite wounds.

In an effort to help the injured baby donkey, locals covered her wounds in turmeric powder, hoping the powder would help stop the bleeding.


Unfortunately, their efforts weren't enough, and the baby's condition continued to decline. The baby's mother was distressed and desperate to help her little one. Not knowing what else to do, she continuously nuzzled and prodded the baby.

When Animal Aid Unlimited rescue workers arrived to transport the baby donkey to safety, her mother thought they were trying to take her baby away, and spiraled into a panic. But separating mother and baby was the last thing rescuers wanted to do, so they took mom along too.


When the baby donkey arrived at Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue facility, she received emergency medical treatment for her severe wounds.


Her mother stayed by her side the entire time. When she was satisfied that the rescuers were there to help her baby, she relaxed.


With a lot of time and TLC, the baby donkey's wounds began to heal. And today, she is a fully recovered, healthy, happy baby donkey named Genevieve.


Genevieve spends her days romping and playing, just the way a baby donkey should. And mom is never far away.


Watch Genevieve's amazing rescue and recovery here:

If you'd like to learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited's lifesaving work, or contribute to help save more lives like little Genevieve's you can check out the organization's official website.

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Mama Donkey Guards Her Injured Baby Until Help Arrives