Cat Taste Tests Baby Bunnies, Decides to Love Them Instead

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch this video to see two baby bunnies get nurtured by a cat who mistakes them for kittens.

Interspecies relationships between animals are some of the cutest things. They're more common than you think. Even predator-prey bonds exist, as Mango the male cat shows by standing in as the paternal figure for these two floppy-eared fluff balls.

In the video below, a cat's protective instincts override his predatory prowess when it comes to these baby bunnies.

But it seems Mango isn't the only one who thinks he is the rabbits' caretaker. The lagomorphs seem to think the cat is a friend, too! They approach him while he lounges in their pen. This leads to a licking cleaning station, a free bath that the bunnies tolerate all too well.

Check out this adorable bond in the short video below:

Are you a cat lover? How about a bunny lover? Well, now you're probably a feline and rabbit lover! It's hard not to be when animals defy the norm.

But then again, maybe this cat's paternal instincts are stronger than his hunting instincts. Whatever the reason for him showing kindness, these rabbits do not object. And neither do we.

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Cat Taste Tests Baby Bunnies, Decides to Love Them Instead