Malamute Is a Big Softie When It Comes to Her Foster Kittens

Posted by TF Oren

Flora is a 100-pound Malamute...

She's also the world's best foster mom to some very lucky kittens!

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Flora is a rescue dog from Best Friends Animal Society who's paying her good fortune forward by mothering these little ones until they're ready for their forever homes.

This sweet girl doesn't bat an eyelash as her kittens crawl all over her, rub up against her, and play with her tail. When it's nap time, she even sleeps nearby so they feel safe.

Watch this angel of a mama dog in action:

They might be two different species, but nobody got the memo...or at least, no one cares. They're as bonded as any mama and her babies.

Flora is living proof that animal rescue changes lives. If you're thinking of adding a pet to your household, please adopt, don't shop. You'll be saving a life.

What do you think of this precious little family? Let us know in the comments section!

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Malamute Is a Big Softie When It Comes to Her Foster Kittens