Making the Bed with 9 Cats Is Just as Difficult as You'd Think

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Making the bed is difficult when there's a cat involved. But when there are nine cats? It becomes almost impossible. 

How many times have you struggled to make the bed while your cat chased the blankets, hogged the sheets, and otherwise challenged your bed-making capabilities? There's something about a freshly made bed that cats find absolutely irresistible, so if you're making the bed with a cat in the home, you're up for a challenge.

But if you thought making your bed was difficult, you need to see what the woman in this video is up against. One cat? Two cats? No. This woman has to deal with nine playful cats as she tries to put clean sheets on the bed.

Take a look at this hilarious video.

We wish this woman good luck in getting that bed made! Those cats are feisty, playful, and determined that they're going to make playtime last for as long as possible.

When you have multiple cats in your home, quality play sessions become even more important. A chance to play, run, and jump helps to get rid of some of the cats' excess energy. If the cats don't have enough playtime, they may start to take that energy out on each other, resulting in fights and even injuries.

While making the bed might not be the most opportune time to play with your cats, be sure to set aside some time for play every day. Your cats will be happier and healthier for it!

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Making the Bed with 9 Cats Is Just as Difficult as You'd Think