Make America Kittens Again: Chrome Extension Swaps Donald Trump Photos with Kittens

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cat on the american flag

Ameowica, Ameowica, God shed his cats on thee.

The Internet is rampant with political hullabaloo, even after the election results came in. If you're seeking a break from trending White House news but can't stay away from cyberspace, you just might be in luck.

Google Chrome has launched Make America Kittens Again, an extension that turns all things Trump into all things kittens. Is that a toupee or a kitten on the man's head? With MAKA, it just might be a kitty.

No more do you have to stare at the face of the USA's president-elect. No more do you have to peruse photos of Donald J. Trump's hand-picked cabinetry.

Now you can have this:

The Daily Dot

You can smile at kitties anytime politics invade your computer screen.

If Trump's name is in the headline, then expect all featured and accompanying photos to be replaced in furry fashion. The New York Times in particular is pawsitively shining with kitten magic.

The Daily Dot

A forewarning, the extension is in its first version, so some hiccups have been reported across different websites. But is it worth a try? We think so.

If you're more of a dog person than a cat person, you're on your own until someone decides to launch a campaign to make America puppies again.

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