Mail-Snatching Cat Brings Royal Mail to a Halt

Posted by TF Oren
David Hedges/ via The Guardian

Everybody knows dogs are the ones who hassle the mailman.

Apparently, Bella the cat didn't get the memo.

Four-year-old Bella, who lives with the Sampson family in Patchway, England (near Bristol) has caused quite a stir recently with her mail-snatching antics.

Two weeks ago, Matthew Sampson received notice from the Royal Mail that his cat posed a "potential hazard" to the postman's safety. The letter Sampson received details Bella's newfound fascination with the postal service. According to the postman, when he goes to push the mail through the mail slot, Bella "snatches the mail and puts his fingers at risk of injury," says the letter.

Although Sampson hasn't seen Bella stick her paws all the way through the mail slot, he doesn't doubt what's happening.

He told the BBC: "We've noticed over the last couple of days that the postman is very hesitant at putting the letters in, and Bella thinks it's a game that he's trying to play."

The Royal Mail has requested that the Sampsons somehow restrain Bella, or alternatively, provide a "safe" post box. If they fail to comply, mail deliveries will be suspended. A spokeswoman from the Royal Mail has said that the institution is willing to work with the Sampsons to rectify the situation.

"If we feel that there is a risk from a dog, or any other animal, at an individual address, we are committed to working with the customer to agree to simple steps to ensure we can continue to deliver the mail safely."

Whatever comes of Bella's mail-snatching, one thing is certain: terrorizing the mailman is no longer just a dog's game. Watch out, pooches. A little black and white cat has just put you all to shame.

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Mail-Snatching Cat Brings Royal Mail to a Halt