All Magic the Albino Ferret Wants for Christmas Is a Forever Home

Posted by TF Oren
All photos by the RSPCA via KentLive

It's been two long years since Magic the albino ferret arrived at Kent, England's Leybourne Animal Centre in West Malling.

The two-year-old ferret was picked up as a stray on December 8, 2014 and has called the center home ever since.

In the two years that Magic has been at the center, 86 hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs have found new homes. Fortunately, Magic isn't lonely, as she has bonded with another of the center's ferret residents, Pumpkin. Even so, what Magic would really like is a forever home.

Claire Yorke of RSPCA Leybourne is keeping her fingers crossed for Magic.

"It's definitely her turn now, we'd love to pull a home out of a hat for Magic this Christmas...[Ferrets] make fantastic pets and, when handled and trained, will give you hours of endless fun and laughter. Magic and Pumpkin would make a fantastic pair of pets and would keep you entertained for hours!"


Center staff and volunteers report that Magic has really come out of her shell these past two years. She's a sweet, playful ferret who loves human interaction.

Since ferrets are naturally social animals that live in groups (the collective term for a group of ferrets is a "business"), they do well when adopted in pairs.

They can be harness and litter box trained, and love to go for walks outside. With a high quality kibble diet and plenty of exercise and interaction, they make excellent companions.

If Magic and Pumpkin sound like the pair for you, visit the RSPCA website.

All photos by the RSPCA via KentLive.

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All Magic the Albino Ferret Wants for Christmas Is a Forever Home