Macaque Monkey Adopts Young Stray Chicken

Posted by Daphne Cybele
monkey adopts chicken
Photo: Phys.Org

A macaque monkey and a young stray chicken have found each other in this crazy mixed-up world.

It's not every day that a monkey adopts a chicken. We're not sure if they're soul mates, best friends, or what, but this unlikely and adorable pair is stirring up some curiosity in an Israeli zoo.

Niv the macaque monkey lives at the Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv. A couple weeks ago, a young chicken found its way into her zoo enclosure.

The bird could easily leave at any time but chooses to stay. And who can blame the bird? Niv cradles the young bird and cares for it. They also play and sleep peacefully together.

money adopts chicken
Photo: Phys.Org

"It seems that Niv, who is four years old and has reached the age of sexual maturity, has difficulty finding a partner. This probably explains the maternal instinct she expresses to this chicken," zoo spokesman Mor Porat told AFP, as reported in The Times of Israel.

Black macaques, native to Indonesia, are critically endangered and noted for their intelligence. You may have heard of the famous selfie-taking black macaque? Well, Niv may not take selfies, but she's intelligent enough to know how to gain and keep a friend.

monkey adopts chicken
Photo: Palm Beach Post

The affection between this unlikely pair is unusual. Macaques are not known to be friendly to chickens. A typical macaque would harm a chicken according to zoo spokesman Porat. That's why this story of this macaque monkey adopting a chicken is so charming.

Here's a video of the pair together:

We're so glad that this monkey and her chick have found each other and that they are happy.

Do you have a friend who you care about as much as Niv cares for the chicken? Tag that friend in the comments below!

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Macaque Monkey Adopts Young Stray Chicken