Lupine the Shelter Dog Knows the Right Way to Cuddle Up

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When it's time for bed, Lupine the shelter dog knows exactly how to get comfy and cozy. 

Dogs are great cuddlers, and they know the importance of a good, comfy nap. Lupine, a shelter dog at the Arizona Animal Welfare League, understands just how to get cozy and ready for some shut-eye. In fact, she's so good at getting herself ready for bed that someone decided to tape it.

When you're a shelter dog, you often don't have the luxuries that privately owned dogs do. There aren't usually fancy meals or exciting outings. But Lupine does have a bed and a blanket, and she's taught herself this adorable trick.

Check out how Lupine gets ready for bed.

How could you not love this adorable dog who just wants to cuddle? Unfortunately, shelters are filled with sweet dogs like Lupine.

Shelters often have to work hard to ensure that their pets get adopted. Some shelters have come up with clever marketing techniques, including eye-catching videos, amazing pet photos, and even the chance to take a dog home for a sleepover.

But still, shelter pets need help in order to find new homes. If you want to make a difference in the life of a shelter pet, please consider adopting your new pet. But if you can't adopt, then think about fostering, or volunteering for your local rescue. Many rescues need volunteers to help with animal care, to give shelter pets attention, and even to provide the pets with exercise.

Awesome dogs like Lupine deserve great homes. If we all do our part, we can help these pets to find new homes so that shelters can help out more pets in need.

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Lupine the Shelter Dog Knows the Right Way to Cuddle Up