Lowe's Service Dog Gets Employee Vest, Too

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Facebook/Lowe's Canada

When a new Lowe's employee joined the company, his service dog earned himself a new position and a uniform, too. 

There's a new employee at a Lowe's Canada store, and despite the fact that he has four legs, he's outfitted just like his coworkers are. Blue, a new employee's support dog, has earned himself the title of Customer Service Canine, and now he even has an employee vest of all his own.

Lowe's recently hired Owen Lima, a gentleman who has a brain injury and who requires a service dog because of that injury. Lima can have trouble understanding when they talk too quickly, and Blue, his service dog, helps to keep Lima calm. Blue is also instrumental in preventing anxiety attacks. However, Lima has had trouble finding an employer who was willing to hire him, knowing that Blue would be part of the picture.

That is, until he applied to Lowe's. The company hired Lima and Blue, and now the two are able to work as a team. Blue can stay by his owner's side to provide service and support, and Lima is now employed. Blue and Lima will be greeting customers at the front door,

By welcoming Blue to the company, Lowe's is sending a positive message to all employers, as well as to the public. Service dogs help their owners to live fulfilling lives, keeping them safe and helping them to cope with issues which might otherwise restrict their abilities to be employed.

Lowe's managed to find a position which could accommodate both Lima and Blue, and they welcomed Blue with his own company vest. Hopefully more employers will follow their lead and do their best to accommodate service animals whenever necessary.

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Lowe's Service Dog Gets Employee Vest, Too