Love-A-Bull: Organization Educating and Supporting the Pit Bull Community

Posted by Mateja Lane

Love-A-Bull may be a small organization but it has a huge heart. 

Founded in 2008, Love-A-Bull set out to change the negative perception of the American Staffordshire Terrier and all the dogs that fall under the umbrella term "pit bull." The organization was originally a small group called Austin American Pit Bull Terrier Meetup Group that was formed in 2003. The meetup began as a place where pit bull owners in the community could coordinate walks, attend fundraisers, and meet other pit bulls in the area. And even though the meetup is still active, now Love-A-Bull has grown into a full 501(c)(3) non-profit and spends its time advocating for pit bulls.

In their own words, Love-A-Bull is dedicated to:

  • Educating the public about responsible guardianship of pit bull type dogs
  • Promoting and reviving the positive image of the All-American dog that once was the pit bull
  • Dispelling the many urban myths that have developed regarding pit bull type dogs
  • Fighting against Breed-Discriminatory Legislation (BDL) targeting pit bull type dogs
  • Promoting and supporting the spaying and neutering of pit bull type dogs
  • Providing training and support to the families of pit bull type dogs
  • Working to eliminate dog fighting
  • Supporting the rescue and re-homing of pit bull type dogs

Their small meetings consist of volunteers who want to learn more about pit bulls and meet other advocates in the community. They usually have four to five pit bulls that they pull from shelters around Austin and then focus on these specific dogs by placing them in foster homes, putting them through training, and then eventually adopting them out into forever homes.

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Love-A-Bull provides numerous resources on their site for people looking to adopt a pit bull, help at adoption events, learn about local dog laws and restrictions, apply for grants to help with pet medical bills, and find low-cost clinics. The organization aims to change the perception of this misunderstood breed and to provide the resources for people to learn more about the pit bull.

Love-A-Bull has a ton of pit bull programs in the Austin area. Some of these include The Pit Crew, a therapy pit bull group that visits schools, hospitals, libraries, and senior homes. If a pit bull meets the guidelines, passes the Canine Good Citizen certification. and completes the seven-week program, they can become a therapy pittie. Love-A-Bull also offers lots of different training programs that due-paying members can participate in for free.

They also partner with RuffTail Runners, a program where running Team Spiridon takes along a shelter dog on their daily runs and walks to give volunteers and shelter works a break! The dogs get some exercise which makes them happier and healthier and increases their adoption chances!

The volunteers and trainers at Love-A-Bull are striving to quell misconceptions about pit bulls and the numerous mixes that get lumped into this umbrella term. They provide a place where pit bull advocates can come together in the Austin area and fight against breed specific legislation and discrimination.

At the moment, Love-A-Bull has three adoptable dogs: Louie, Tex, and Zoey. Read more about these three beauties here. If you are interested in giving one a home you can reach out to [email protected] Follow their Facebook page for event notifications and news on pit bulls in the Austin, Texas area!

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Love-A-Bull: Organization Educating and Supporting the Pit Bull Community