Lost Dog Hears Family on Nightly News, Returned to Rightful Owners

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Many lost dog stories have sad or unresolved endings, but not this one. You'll never imagine how this dog found her way home.

Lost dog. The words are the worst imaginable for most dog owners. When your beloved dog goes missing, the search can feel futile. Sometimes, the dogs are found or make their ways home. Sometimes, the story has a sadder ending. But in the case of this lost dog story, you're sure to love the ending.

Kelly and Alfred Schaefer of Missouri love their dog, Tabitha, very much. But one day Alfred, who has Alzheimer's, went on a walk with Tabitha and got lost. Kelly went in search of her husband, and though she found Alfred, she was unable to find Tabitha.

Kelly didn't stop her search, though. She walked and walked, calling Tabitha's name and familiar phrases that the dog would respond to. She plastered flyers all over the neighborhood in hopes that someone would find the dog. Then, she did something that few dog owners do: Kelly went to the local news.

Kelly's local news station aired the video below, featuring Kelly and Alfred talking about Tabitha. Take a look.

This video was a turning point in the search for Tabitha, because Tabitha herself heard the broadcast and recognized her owners' voices. Tabitha had been found by a local couple, who had brought her into their home. When Tabitha perked up at the broadcast, they took notice and called into the number the broadcast provided. It turned out that, yes, the dog they had found was Tabitha, and she was quickly returned to Kelly and Alfred.

It just goes to show you that when it comes to a lost dog, it pays off to be persistent. Spread the word to as many people as you can, and continue your search even if you start to lose hope. Even more importantly, consider microchipping your dog to aid in a faster recovery if he or she ever gets lost.

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Lost Dog Hears Family on Nightly News, Returned to Rightful Owners