When Ruger the Lab Got Lost on a Cold Night, He Jumped into the Right Car

Posted by Tori Holmes
black lab
All images via Tuolumne Country Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

When Ruger the black Lab found himself lost, he figured out a rather ingenious way to get home.

On the night Ruger found himself separated from his family, the temperatures had plummeted to a chilly 20 degrees. Looking for a warm place to hide out, the pup hopped into the open door of a nearby car.

Little did he know that this car was owned by the exact people you should contact if you're ever lost: the police.

Lost black lab in police car

When Deputy Jon Hammell of the Tuolumne Country Sheriff's Department returned to his car from investigating a suspicious vehicle, he was surprised to find the pup riding shotgun.

Fortunately, Ruger had a collar on and his ID tags were attached so Deputy Hammell was able to quickly locate his owners.

Lost black lab in police car


When Ruger arrived home with his police escort, his family was overwhelmingly pleased to see him, having been searching for him all evening.

While this story, fortunately, has a happy ending, it does remind us of how important it is to make sure your dog has up-to-date information on them at all time, whether it be with a microchip or ID tag.

All images via Tuolumne Country Sheriff's Department/Facebook

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When Ruger the Lab Got Lost on a Cold Night, He Jumped into the Right Car