What It Looks Like When a Boy and His Favorite Dog Reunite

Posted by Allie Layos
boy with dog

Watching this boy and his favorite dog reunite after a year apart will bring you to tears.

The boy in question is Lennox Goebel, an 11-year-old who lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his mother. Their next door neighbor is a musician (it’s Nashville, after all) and owns a dog named Bogart.

Bogart and Lennox were practically inseparable. But that had to change when Bogart’s owner went on tour last year. Since she couldn’t take the dog with her, she sent him to stay with her mother in California.

At the time, the two families weren’t sure how long Bogart and Lennox would be apart, but the months soon turned into a year. Then came April 2017, when boy and dog were finally able to reunite.

Check out this video to watch the touching reunion:

Bogart initially greets Lennox like any other visitor, approaching him with pleasant tail wags, but once he fully realizes who the boy is, he starts whining and rolling over in excitement. Meanwhile Lennox, who was so emotional at seeing Bogart again, sobs joyfully into the dog’s fur.

Lennox has his own dog, a Shih Tzu mix named Happy, and he loves him a lot. But his connection to Bogart appears to be on a completely different level.

According to Lennox’s mother, Lennox was “over the moon” to have his friend back in town!

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What It Looks Like When a Boy and His Favorite Dog Reunite