A Look at Training the Extreme Trail Course Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you love trail riding but want an added competition challenge, then focusing on extreme trail course riding might be the perfect option for you. 

Extreme trail course riding takes trail competitions to a whole new level. In this unique sport, horse and rider must navigate challenging obstacles in a trail course, including movable bridges, water crossings, teeter-totters, raised platforms, and more.

Extreme trail course riding tests the training of the horse, the skill of the rider, and the amount of trust that the horse has in the rider.

Mark Bolander, champion extreme trail rider, is featured in the below video. He shows an amazing connection with his horses, even navigating the trail obstacles bridleless with one mount.

This video provides a short look into how Bolander begins training the horses to navigate the obstacles with confidence, while keeping the situation relaxed by working the horses from the ground with long leads. Bolander has also designed trail courses.

Take a look at what obstacles you and your horse may face on a course.

Think that extreme trail riding is for you? It's best to find someone who's experienced in the sport to help you introduce your horse to the obstacles. Some stables may have existing courses and obstacles that you can use. This can save you from having to build obstacles of your own, which can be expensive and requires some space.

There are tons of advantages to taking part in this sport. You will work closely with your horse to develop enhanced communication. By teaching your horse to navigate frightening obstacles, you can build the trust that he has in you.

Additionally, your horse will develop his versatility and agility through the training. And if you like to trail ride, then this training will have you well prepared for just about any obstacle that you'll encounter out on the trail.

Will you be giving extreme trail riding a shot?

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A Look at Training the Extreme Trail Course Horse