Watch This Talented Texas Labrador Retriever Ride Her Horse Around

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Maizey is basically an equestrian.

The talented 10-year-old Labrador Retriever named Maizey looks so comfortable riding her horse Bailey. Complete with a fitting bandana, she holds Bailey's reins in her mouth and makes her way around the pasture.

With the help of their owner directing them with encouraging sounds, Maizey and Bailey look so natural, even though it is pretty unique! Check the riding team out:

Maizey's saddle looks modified to help her sit comfortably, with a rope wrapped around her to keep her in place. Maizey and Bailey are really just a pair, and spend a lot of time together.

Here Maizey proudly leads Bailey around with the reins in her mouth.

If that isn't the picture of perfect Texas charm, I don't know what is. America's favorite dog leading around the ultimate symbol of the West is truly a sight that everyone will love.

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Plus, this little scene is the perfect example of good training. Look at how both the animals respond to their owner. Those are some good listening skills and there was definitely some behind-the-scenes work that is pretty impressive here!

What a happy little family!

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Watch This Talented Texas Labrador Retriever Ride Her Horse Around