A Look Inside America's Luxury Dog Fat Camp

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Morris Animal Inn

Morris Animal Inn is more than just a pet spa. It's a camp for overweight dogs.

Located in Morristown, New Jersey, Morris Animal Inn has luxurious services for canines and felines, like grooming, dog yoga, and belly rubs. Day and overnight boarding options are available as are pooch training sessions. The air is mechanically purified. Background music and natural lighting offer a lulling ambience. It's no wonder the pet center is nationally renowned.

But Morris Animal Inn doesn't just offer pampering for its four-legged clients. The facility runs a dog fat camp, which works exactly like you'd think.


Treadmills line the interior, with rows of dogs fitting in a walk catered to their personalized exercise routine as part of their individualized weight loss plan. Staff are creative with their activities. You might see a pug jumping up to pop and chase bubbles. He's losing weight and he doesn't even know it.

Childhood obesity is discussed in great detail these days, but pet obesity warrants a discussion as well. After all, most people treat their pets as children. Just as with humans, many weight-related health issues exist with animals, including arthritis and pet diabetes, which is on the rise.


In addition to treadmills and bubbles, other weight loss activities include swimming, fetching, and nature walks. Pets are furthered pampered with cuddle sessions, bedtime book reading, treat treasure hunts, and massages. Even blueberry facials are offered.

Morris Animal Inn is a paradise for dogs. But we can't help thinking it's a paradise for dog lovers, too.

All images via Morris Animal Inn.

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A Look Inside America's Luxury Dog Fat Camp