Long Lost Cat Reappears after 7 Years at a Florida 7-11 Demanding Help

Posted by TF Oren
All photos courtesy of the Naples Cat Alliance via The Dodo

When a Naples, Florida couple lost their beloved cat Sky seven years ago, they were heartbroken.

They searched and searched for her, but eventually came to grips with the fact that they'd probably never see her again. Eventually, life took them to Kansas City.

Little did they know, the Sky chapter of their lives was far from over.

Recently, a different couple leaving a 7-11 in Naples one evening noticed a cat outside the store. The cat was meowing nonstop, demanding someone notice her.


The couple couldn't ignore the desperate, flea-infested cat. They took her home and gave her bath after bath until she was flea-free and feeling better about life.

Eventually, they took her to the Naples Cat Alliance. The Naples Cat Alliance cares for and finds homes for area strays. It seemed like the perfect place for this 7-11 kitty to get the help she needed.


President of the Naples Cat Alliance, Megan Sorbara, was delighted to discover that the cat had been microchipped. She thought this case was open and shut.

A scan of the chip revealed that it had been implanted by a Missouri humane society.  Sorbara called the shelter. Shelter staff provided her with an owner's name and a phone number. Unfortunately, the phone number linked to the chip was no longer in service.

That's when Sorbara turned to social media for help. An army of volunteer sleuths got to work hunting down the cat's owner.


"These women on this page just went crazy hunting down this person...They were making a million phone calls," Sorbara says.

Finally, they tracked down the owner's father. He told them his daughter had moved to Kansas four years prior.

Sorbara called the daughter and her husband to deliver the amazing news about their long lost  - and now found - cat.

"They were blown away...They didn't believe it. They were so excited, they were crying," reports Sorbara.


Thanks to the helping hands of some kind passersby, the Naples Cat Alliance, the breadcrumb of information from a microchip, and a dedicated army of volunteers on social media, this amazing lost-and-found cat's story has a happy ending.

On Friday, Sky will fly to Kansas City for a joyful reunion with her family.

All photos courtesy of the Naples Cat Alliance via The Dodo.

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Long Lost Cat Reappears after 7 Years at a Florida 7-11 Demanding Help