Loki the Red Fox is King of His Couch...And Don't You Forget It

Posted by TF Oren

Do NOT anger the fearsome Couch Monster.

It might be the last thing you do...before you break down into giggles.

Meet Loki the red fox. He loooooves his couch, and loves defending it from his favorite human even more.

In case you've never approached a well-defended couch, you might not know what to expect, so take note. You can be sure you've awakened the Couch Monster when his little red and gray muzzle pops out of its hole and takes a swipe at your finger.

Watch what happens when you enter this ferocious beast's cushy territory:

Can't get enough of this little red cutie? Check out Loki's YouTube Channel.

Still jonesing for all things fox? Read about the real-life fox and the hound here. And you can learn more about foxes as pets here.

What do you think about Loki's couch adventures? Let us know in the comments section below!

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