Loca the Pug Can't Freaking Run

Posted by Mateja Lane

Sing along to this little Irish ditty about Loca the pug who can't f*cking run. 

Although you won't want your kids to start singing this song, it is still funnier than hell.

Language NSFW

Loca the pug lives in Belfast, Ireland and can't seem to get his motor skills in order to simply run.

Don't be mad if this song kind of gets stuck in your head.

"I'm bouncing, flouncing, falling all around the show."

As funny as this is, I hope that Loca doesn't have something more serious going on medically. Is there some sort of nerve-firing issue? It's like the message from his brain to get his legs to move is getting stopped somewhere along the way.

But Loca seems like he is still loving life, as pugs are apt to do. Maybe he is just a goofball that gets too excited to actually run straight.

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Loca the Pug Can't Freaking Run