Llama Loose on Georgia Highway Spurs Police Chase

Posted by Allie Layos
brown and white llama loose
All images via Facebook/OconeeSheriff.

It turns out that a llama loose on the highway causes quite an uproar. 

The llama in question was spotted wandering along Epps Bridge Road in Oconee County, Georgia on Wednesday, and its presence prompted quite an uproar in the community.

Though llamas aren't as unusual as some exotic pets, original witnesses were confused about what exactly it was.

According to a statement on the Oconee County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page, when dispatch first notified the Sheriff's Department of the disturbance around 4 p.m., the original reports were of a "baby camel" running loose.

The Facebook statement continues:

"Our deputies are not trained in South American camelid identification, but they quickly determined that the animal in question was actually a llama."

Camel or llama, officers responded to the scene near the burger joint Cook Out drive-thru. They originally thought there wasn't anyone who knew about llamas nearby, but believe it or not, they were pleasantly surprised.

Deputies, with the assistance of, and I kid you not, several llama experts who just happened to be traveling on Epps Bridge Road at that exact moment, managed to corral the llama in the dumpster area behind the Cook Out.

man with llama

The llama experts, of Southeastern Llama Rescue who happened to be on the scene, were a great help in securing the llama.

Katie Beth Carey, a witness, told BuzzFeed News she was "driving down the road and saw a ton of cop cars chasing something."

When she turned off the road to enter the Cook Out drive-thru, she saw that the police "had the poor thing cornered," in the burger joint's parking lot.

As it turns out, they managed to lure it into the corner with the help of a bag of carrots, provided by the restaurant.

According to Lee Weems, Chief Deputy in the Oconee County Sheriff's Department, the llama had escaped from a local resident's property and wandered a couple of miles down the road.

Though the llama's owner was out of town during this great escape, the owner's son was contacted to come collect the animal.

llama in van

"Units are responding to a runaway llama on the 10 Loop near exit 1. We can't make this stuff up," the Oconee County Sheriff's Department posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

They also shared a photo of their resident "llama whisperer," Captain Hale, and changed the page's cover photo to a picture of the fugitive llama.

All images via Facebook/OconeeSheriff.

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Llama Loose on Georgia Highway Spurs Police Chase