Pet Health: Live Well Testing Provides Home Tests for Animals

Posted by Samantha Bubar

There is no doubt that our pets are family, and pet owners strive for the best care for their furry companions.

Live Well Testing, a division of Confirm Biosciences, aims to help you keep your pet healthy. While also offering tests for your body and your environment, they also offer pet health testing kits that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

Testing Mission

Live Well Testing recognizes that pet health care is very important and can sometimes be costly. They aim to provide pet owners with home tests to use if your pet is showing certain symptoms.

The tests they provide aren't intended to replace veterinary care, but will help pet owners make conscious, well informed decisions about the extent of pet care that might be required.


Live Well Testing doesn't just cover our furry companions, but also offer a host of tests for scaly, feathered, and equine pets! These tests will essentially help you determine whether or not vet treatment is necessary.

Why Testing Is Important

Testing is by no means a substitute for veterinary care, but there are a plethora of conditions that can be easily treated if detected.

Home test kits give you the ability to asses your pet before bringing them to the vet. This gives you the option to test for possible issues before causing unnecessary stress on your pets by taking them to a place they may be frightened of.


Preventative testing is important in addition to regular veterinary care. With these home testing options, you get results right at home or you can send in your sample to a lab yourself. This gives you the ease of doing the testing on your own and allows you to give your pet faster care if you already know what ails them.

Regular health testing is an important part of keeping pets. Worms, for example, are highly common and easily treatable. It's important to test your pet once a year as a preventative measure to make sure they are as healthy as possible. These are the sorts of tests that Live Well Testing will provide.

The Tests Offered

The company will offer a host of tests for both felines and canines that range from genetic DNA disease and trait testing to parvovirus and positive stem cell vitality tests.

Also covered are test kits for more common health concerns like urinary tract infection (UTI), heart-worm, Lyme, or Ehrlichia and general wellness tests.


To solve your sample collection problems, a Non-Absorbent Reusable Cat Litter and a P-Scoop is available for easy urine collection.

For concerns about reptilian or feathered companions, Live Well Testing carries a Fecal Worm Home Detection Test Kit. This test determines if your pet has worms, what type, and how severe the infestation is. This test is suitable for all animals. They carry equine-specific versions of this test as well.


Live Well Testing will continue to add more products for testing all sorts of pet symptoms as more research and data is compiled. But home testing can save you a lot of money and hassle!

If you are interested in trying out home testing kits, Live Well Testing is offering Wide Open Pets readers a deal. Until September 4, 2016 use the coupon code WideOpen10 for 10% off your testing kit order!

You will see a chat option to discuss any questions you may have about specific products. Ask questions to select the correct product!

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Pet Health: Live Well Testing Provides Home Tests for Animals