Little Lucas the Spider Is Working Hard to Cure Arachnophobia

Posted by Mateja Lane
Lucas the spider

Let Lucas the spider tell you a little bit about being cute. 

In probably the cutest thing you'll see all day, even if you suffer from arachnophobia, Lucas the animated spider tells you a little bit about himself.

Meet Lucas. He has lots of eyes.

And everyone's talking about those eyeballs.

Did you know that as humans we are biologically drawn to bigger eyes? They bring out the nurturing within us all and that's why we think baby animals are just the cutest. So in order for Lucas to be loved by all, even those who absolutely detest spiders, the adorable spider had to have the biggest eyes.

The YouTube short already has over a million views. Created by animator Joshua Slice, Lucas is a character he is working on whose voice is played by his young nephew, also named Lucas.

People who watched the animation test are already pleading for a Pixar full-feature film, or at least a mini web series or short film.

But one thing is for sure, little Lucas might be the cutest spider we've ever seen, and the words "cutest spider ever" aren't usually tossed around so lightly.

Do you love the little spider named Lucas? Tell us what you think of this adorable animation in the comments. 

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Little Lucas the Spider Is Working Hard to Cure Arachnophobia