Little Girl Manages to Raise $2K for Horses Affected by Huge Fire

Posted by Allie Layos
Zoe Feinberg on horse

This little girl couldn't bear to see horses suffering, so she raised money for their care. 

When 18 horses died in a Plainfield, Illinois fire two weeks ago, many were devastated, but few more so than six-year-old Zoe Feinberg, who was brought to tears by the news and decided to step up and help.

"She was absolutely devastated," Mindi Feinberg, Zoe's mother, said.

Though 18 horses had perished in the fire, 11 survived. Zoe was able to meet one of the recovering horses.

"He was really bad," Zoe said. "I don't want to talk about it. I was going to cry. I couldn't get it out."

The experience was emotional for Zoe because the horses suffered from severe burns, and faced a recovery process that was both painful and expensive for their owners. That is why this special little girl decided she needed to help.

Most of the surviving horses are being treated at rural vet practice in Lemont, Illinois, and the vets were touched by her gesture.

"I was super touched that such a little girl would come up with such an amazing idea and it truly was on her own," one of the vets said.

Zoe's mother explained how it came about:

"She said maybe we could sell something, make it, sell it and give the money to the horses."

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So Zoe and her mother got to work creating buckets of stress balls. They posted their fundraising project online, and were thrilled when Premier Equine Veterinary Service told Zoe they'd match her donation.

Within a week, the project leapt from just $100 to $2,000, something that surprised but delighted veterinarian Dr. Allison Powers.

"I didn't expect it to be as much, which is great though," Powers said.

Zoe's mother is incredibly proud of Zoe's kind heart and hard work.

"It is very humbling to watch her and see her grow not only as a little girl but in her heart," Zoe's mom said. "That feels amazing as a parent."

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Little Girl Manages to Raise $2K for Horses Affected by Huge Fire