Little Girl Gets a Shiba Inu Puppy and 'Oh My Gosh, Tell Me This Is Not a Dream'

Posted by Mateja Lane

This little girl cannot believe her luck when she gets a Shiba Inu puppy for her birthday. 

Colette has always loved Shiba Inus, making a point of asking her parents for one every chance she got. Her parents promised her that when she turned six they would get her the puppy, thinking she may forget. But little girls do not forget when they ask for a special pet.

Every birthday, Colette would count down until her Shiba Inu dream came true. When she turned six her parents were not in the position to have a puppy in the house (they were remodeling their kitchen). But the time was finally right when Collette turned nine years old.

You can probably guess how excited Collette was when she finally had a Shiba Inu in her lap after years of patience.

Collette has been a Shiba Inu lover for years. She has done school presentations on the breed, her bedroom walls are covered in Shiba Inu posters, and she would collect "anything that bore the likeness of a Shiba Inu-- which isn't that easy because they don't make many Shiba Inu related items," says her mom.

And her reaction to finally getting her the dog of her dreams is truly heartwarming.

"This is so incredibly awesome!!!"

Collette named her little Shiba, Wasabi.

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