Little Girl Brings Her Cow in the House to Cuddle

Posted by Tori Holmes
Little Girl Lets Cow in the House | Wide Open Pets

As any parents can attest, children are full of surprises.

But even a seasoned parent would be shocked to see that their child had brought a farm animal into the house.

This is exactly what happened to one mom when she found her five-year-old daughter and her pet cow inside the covered porch attached to their home.

Like any child, the little girl tries to lie and say that cow let himself in, but her mother knows better. She then tries another child favorite: changing the topic.

Pointing out a small cut on the cow's leg, the little girl shares her medical opinion and her mom jokes that their porch must be the recovery room.

It's hard to stay mad with a cow that cute just relaxing beside you!

By the time the little girl starts cuddling with the cow, any hard feelings the mom may have had are long gone. She's just happy to watch the special moment between her daughter and her furry friend.

With a bond like this, it looks like these two are going to be friends for life.

And the cow may be let inside from time to time too.

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Little Girl Brings Her Cow in the House to Cuddle