Little Foal Sneezes and It's Enough to Knock Him Over

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This foal learns that sometimes even the smallest things are enough to knock us off our feet. 

If you ever need to make a bad day better, all you have to do is spend some time around a foal. Foals are great at making us smile with their antics and goofiness. Young foals are always a bit awkward as they learn how to balance on their long legs, but they're also so endearing with their innocence and curiosity.

The video below captures a hilarious moment in the life of a young foal. This young horse has quite the sneeze - in fact, the sneeze is so strong that it knocks him right over. Take a look at this cute video.

Have you been thinking that it would be fun to have foals around your barn? Before you make any plans to breed a mare, it's important to realize that breeding can quickly become a very expensive venture. Vet bills, especially emergency vet bills, add up incredibly quickly when you're breeding a horse.

Additionally, you should consider your plans for the foals' future. Will you be keeping the foals once they are born, or planning on selling them? If you want to sell them, will they have traits which make them desirable to a buyer? What will you do if you can't sell the foals?

Don't forget that your foal will also need facilities which can keep him safe as he grows. You'll need a large box stall for the mare and foal, and the fencing in your pastures must be foal-safe, too. As the foal grows, you will need a facility which is set up so that he can be weaned.

Having foals around the farm can be very enjoyable, but it takes some preparation in order to be able to care for foals well.

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Little Foal Sneezes and It's Enough to Knock Him Over