Little Boy Celebrates Snow Day in Portland by Pulling His Chickens in a Sled

Posted by Amber King
pulling chickens in a sled

It's not winter in Oregon until you see a boy taking his chickens for a sled ride.

Winter in Portland is only halfway over, but meteorologists are already calling Oregon's largest city "America's most winter-fatigued city of the year." The city has experienced five storms within the last five weeks, making the 2016-2017 season the worst the area's seen in years.

It isn't the coldest city in the country nor has it had the most snowfall, but Portland residents are accustomed to seeing only four days of measurable snow a year. While snow and ice have shut down some parts of the city, others are taking advantage of the unusual weather.

Zachary Echavarria posted a video to Facebook showing a young boy celebrating his snow day in true Oregon style.  The boy sprints up and down the street towing a sled with precious cargo--a pair of pet chickens.

Echavarria wrote:

"You haven't seen a Portland snow day until you've seen a kid pulling his chickens in a sled."

The boy's feathery friends seem to sit calmly on the sled as they safely slide along the snow and ice. It's hard to say who's having a better time, the chickens, the boy, or everyone who joins in their fun by watching the video.

Did you do anything fun with your pets this winter? Let us know in the comments.

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Little Boy Celebrates Snow Day in Portland by Pulling His Chickens in a Sled