Little Baby and Dog Vie for the Last Piece of Chicken

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Just when you thought babies and dogs couldn't get any cuter, they go and do this.

Toddler Sam is just learning to wobble on his own two feet, using the coffee table as support. His best friend Beau, a West Highland Terrier, is nearby. So is a piece of chicken.

Precariously placed on the table just out of the reach of Beau's paw and nose, Sam waddles over and reaches for the chicken himself. What happens? Find out!

Did the ending surprise you?

Kids and their pets never cease to give us some much needed "Awwww" moments. Children and animals are always candid in nature, and they don't even realize they're being filmed. You'd think they were posing though, with all the cuteness that ensues between a canine and his miniature owner.

This video shows us that not only is a dog man's best friend, but a man--or in this case, an itty bitty human--is a dog's best friend, too.