What It's Like Being Owned by a Siamese Cat

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Siamese cats are a force to be reckoned with.

Anyone who has ever interacted with a Siamese at length will confirm this. Siamese cats are super talkative, they're brimming with energy, and they're always getting into trouble.

They get a bad rap for being "aggressive" when they're really only acting on instinct. They're a very active, curious, intelligent breed.

History says that Siamese cats were first bred in Siam, now Thailand, and only kings and royalty were allowed to own such dignified felines. In Egyptian culture, cats were worshipped. While most felines have since forgotten about their royal history, Siamese cats have not.

You don't do the "keeping."

If you share your home with a Siamese, you do not own the cat. He owns you. And the entire home. And all the things in said home.


You needed that hair tie for something? Too bad. It's his now.

You will never be without conversation.

You always thought the best thing about pets is that they can't talk back? If you have a Siamese, you know this is the furthest from the truth.


They will respond to your rhetorical questions. Every time. Loudly.

You wanted things on your shelves?

All your wonderful decorations have somehow mysteriously found their way to the floor.

Hopefully they weren't breakable. And if they were, oh well.

Every hour is play time.

Siamese cats have no concept of time. And even if they did, they probably wouldn't care.

3 a.m. means nothing when there is a ferocious feather wand in the living room that must...be...destroyed.

No, those aren't elephants.

Although you will hear very loud galloping throughout your house. Sometimes during the day.


But most of the time it's the wee hours of the morning. All the things need to be chased. And all the sprinting needs to be done.

You'll trip a lot.

Some people think getting a cat means you'll have a new furry roommate that wants to hang out sometimes, but spends most of their time sleeping, and hiding in warm places.


If you live with a Siamese, you know different. They're constantly with their person. If you're taking a shower, they're batting at the curtain. Doing dishes? Sticking their head under the faucet or licking the clean dishes, which is not the most efficient way to dry them, FYI. Walking to the living room? They're going to weave between your feet the whole way.

You'll always have someone judging you.

If you're ever second guessing your choices. Take a glance at your Siamese.


The displeased face says it all.

Your legs will never be cold.

They will usually sleep in the most inconvenient place on the bed.


Your legs. Your feet. With their feet in  your face. Whatever makes you the least comfortable, is exactly what makes them the most comfortable.

Even though they live to inconvenience you, and expect nothing but being treated as royalty. You are better for having had the honor of loving such royalty.

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What It's Like Being Owned by a Siamese Cat