What It's Like to Pet a Baby Bat (Don't Worry, It's Really Cute)

Posted by Mateja Lane
petting a bat

Bats are kinda like ferrets with wings. 

And as much as that combination freaks a lot of people out, they are actually really cute.

If you still have a hard time believing that, check out the video and we will reconvene afterward.

See, it even squeaks!

When bats aren't ducking and swooping over your head in a dark cave, clawing at your hair, they are actually pretty cute. And this one in the video even has a name.

This is Jeddah, who is a grey-headed flying fox. This species of bat is native to Australia and they are fruit bats whose diet includes pollen, nectar, and bark. (These aren't the blood-sucking kind). Jeddah was hand-raised by the volunteers at the Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services but is still a wild animal, not a pet. He was not released due to injuries and is now a licensed bat carer with all his vaccinations.

So, let's circle back up. Do you now agree that bats can be cute? Did you see that curling tongue when he yawned?

Tell us what you think in the comments below. It will be a survey on whether or not bats are cute...

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What It's Like to Pet a Baby Bat (Don't Worry, It's Really Cute)