Little Goat Is Only One Day Old and Already Leaping Like a Pro

Posted by Mateja Lane

The new kid on the block is already a pro leaper. 

Sunflower Farm Creamery has entertained us with goat videos for a while now. This particular video features a little goat that was born with an innate desire to leap and play.

The little goat was named George Washington and he was literally born hopping.

Little George was only one day old when the Creamery filmed this. What energy! And what a handful for mom who follows behind the new little hopper with a watchful eye.

George's pure excitement to be in this big new world is inspiring. Look how happy he is just to be alive!

The cat he runs into is named Moo and she babysits the new goat kids on the farm. The kids that were born last spring on the farm were all named after presidents to signify the election year. George Washington was the first goat born so he proudly bears the name of our first president!

Sunflower Farm Creamery is a no-cull dairy goat farm in Maine. While they do sell some of their Nigerian Dwarf goats, they sell them in sibling pairs to families who can commit a year in advance.

That way, the farm ensures the goats go to "homes where people will love them as much as we do."

Tell us what you think of this sweet goat video in the comments below!

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Little Goat Is Only One Day Old and Already Leaping Like a Pro