Lightning Strike Kills Three Horses in Tennessee

Posted by Amber King

As storms raged through the Tennessee Valley, one horse owner suffered more than property damage.

High winds, large hail, and heavy rain pounded Giles County, Tennessee a few weeks back. Homeowners fled to seek cover as the storm ripped through the countryside with no concern with what was in its path. Golf ball-sized hail punched holes in roofs and walls, and downed trees toppled power lines and damaged buildings.

But for one horse owner, property damage was a small concern compared to the loss of three beloved mares.

two horses in pasture

Larry Hargrove and his family have raised horses for years. He was out of town when the storm hit and wasn't home when lightning struck three of his horses, killing them instantly. He told WAAY 31:

"You hate to lose any animal, but when you've had them for 20 years plus and you've raised them from a baby, they're family members."

He was devastated upon receiving the call that his horses, who were in the pasture near his home, were found dead.

"It felt like someone had kicked me in the heart and in the stomach at the same time. And all I could think about was wanting to be home with them."

Hargrove's two remaining male horses joined his family in grieving for the lost animals. He says his group of horses were like family, and he wouldn't be surprised if the two that survived the storm spent the next few days confused and sorrowful.

Hargrove hopes his heartbreak will be a lesson to other animal owners. The deadly power of a lightning storm should never be underestimated. If a storm comes your way, lead your animals to safety and seek shelter in a protected area.

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Lightning Strike Kills Three Horses in Tennessee