Jody Was Tragically Injured and His Dog Never Left His Side - This is How He Returned the Favor

Posted by Paige Cerulli
jody and levi

Levi the dog played a major role in his owner's recovery from a car accident, and his owner saw Levi through a major injury of his own. 

Dogs are man's best friend, and it's often dogs who carry us through our most difficult times. That was the case of Jody and Levi. Levi the dog was young - less than six months old - when his owner, Jody, was in a major car accident. A car ran a stop sign, leaving Jody seriously injured.

Jody's recovery from the car accident was a rough time in his life, but Levi faithfully stayed by his owner's side. And gradually, Jody got better.

But life takes unexpected turns sometimes. Soon after the car accident, Levi had an accident of his own while on a hike. And Joey found that he held his dog's future in his own hands.

Take a look at this inspiring video.

Dogs give us so much; it's only fair that we give everything possible back to them, in return. Jody was lucky enough to give Levi a second chance at life, and it looks like Levi is none the worse for wear today.

Dogs can be such a comfort during difficult times. Their presence reminds us that we're not alone, and dogs are great at making us laugh, often when we need it the most. Dogs often seem to sense when we need them, and they'll do just about anything to ensure that they're by our sides.

Loyal, incredibly intelligent, and the best of friends - is it any wonder that we love dogs so much?

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