Let Pegasus the Orphaned Miniature Horse Capture Your Heart

Posted by Kat Tretina

Pegasus, an orphaned miniature horse, was left alone at just four weeks old and he did not look like he was going to make it. But thanks to some special animal lovers, Pegasus has become a star.  

The orphaned miniature horse named Pegasus has not had an easy time. Just four weeks after the was born, his mother passed away, leaving the tiny miniature horse alone. At such a young age, he was still entirely dependent on his mom for food and guidance.

Orphaned Miniature Horse

His owner could not care for him due to the demanding needs of a very young foal, and he was in danger of starving.

Thankfully, Pegasus was saved and picked up by Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue in Clermont, Forida.

Pegasus meets horse friends

The diminutive foal is smaller than most medium-sized dogs, with delicate hooves and long legs. His white and gray coat is accentuated by his enormous, long-lashed eyes. He is so little that miniature horse equipment does not fit him; he has to wear a goat harness and is walked on a dog leash.

He requires bottle-feeding every two hours, so he spends much of the time in the house at the ranch, relaxing in the kitchen with his new friends. Due to the dedicated caretakers at the rescue, he is growing fast. He is healthy now and getting stronger each day and enjoys galloping around the fields. Pegasus loves playing with his toys and meeting the other farm animals on site.

Pegasus takes a nap

While he might be small in size, he is big in personality. He has become a mascot for the rescue, appearing on TV and even at the local shopping mall. He is very photogenic and seems to enjoy being in the spotlight.

While Pegasus is obviously special, he is just one of dozens of horses at Dreamcatcher who have been rescued from dangerous situations and returned to health, giving them a second chance. Like thousands of other neglected horses in the United States, Pegasus just needed a little extra care to reach his potential.

Pegasus and friend

This little pony with the big heart is sure to captivate everyone he meets. You can follow Pegasus and see daily pictures on his Facebook page.

All images via Pegasus the Pony/Facebook

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Let Pegasus the Orphaned Miniature Horse Capture Your Heart