Leaving for College Is Hard, So This Texas Mom Made Her Son a Dog Cutout

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Jake Ostrowski/Twitter

College move-in day means having to say goodbye to your childhood pup back home, but one Texas mom found a solution.

Jake Ostrowski is starting his freshman year at Texas Tech University. He said goodbye to his parents. He said goodbye to his friends. He even had to say goodbye to his beloved Golden Retriever, Jesse.

But his mom, Sharon, knew a quick--albeit temporary and non-waterproof--way to make the farewell and college transition easier.

Sharon had a lifesize cardboard cutout printed of Jesse the dog.

Jake's Twitter post went viral, earning the smiling canine much overdue attention.

Jake hung his pooch's cutout above his bed, right next the American flag.

Sharla Ostrowski/Facebook
Sharla Ostrowski/Facebook

That is one patriotic pup.

We know the most difficult part about adjusting to campus life is getting used to not having your dog at your side.

But at least Jake will have a part of Jesse in his dorm room for the next four years, all thanks to a very caring, creative, and hilarious mother.

Don't you wish you had a cardboard cutout of your dog when you were in college? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Leaving for College Is Hard, So This Texas Mom Made Her Son a Dog Cutout