Learn How to Take an Awesome Head Shot of Your Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horse photography can be challenging, but this video teaches you how to take an awesome head shot of your horse. 

Are you interested in giving your hand at horse photography a try? Getting great photos of your horse can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Horses move quickly and it's hard to get them to stand still, and thanks to the horse's unique conformation, it can take some patience to capture them in a flattering pose.

But this video breaks down the steps for you and teaches you how to get an awesome head shot of your horse. Head shots take patience and preparation, but when done correctly, they can make your horse look absolutely stunning.

If you're ready to try out horse photography, then check out the below video for a short, clear tutorial.

When you're photographing your horse, it's really helpful to have someone available to help you. The person can act as a handler and can keep your horse positioned appropriately. The handler can also help to get your horse to prick his ears by rustling plastic in their pocket, waving their hands around, or clucking to get the horse's attention.

When you start practicing taking head shots of your horse, make sure to pay attention to the background area. A busy background can be distracting from your horse, so try to find a background with relatively little in it. An open field makes a good background, and you can even use the side of a barn for the background of a head shot.

And if you want to learn more about horse photography, there are tons of ways for you to learn and improve. Consider taking a photography course at a local school, or pick up some books on horse photography. There are also many forums and online groups dedicated to equine photography. With so many resources out there, you'll have lots of support as you learn how to take great photos of horses.

Tell us your tips for taking good horse pictures in the comments below!

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Learn How to Take an Awesome Head Shot of Your Horse