Learn About the Rise of Telemedicine in the Pet World

Posted by Mateja Lane

The new company TeleVet is bringing the idea of virtual veterinarian visits to pet owners and vet clinics everywhere.

Steven Carter came home from work one day and noticed a strange bite on his dog's leg. It was 4:45 p.m. in Austin, Texas and now he had to drive his dog, Brady, to the vet.

"I sat in traffic over the bridge for 45 minutes, and my dog really doesn't like the car, he was shaking the whole time. It was horrible."

Once Steven got the vet, he was told to wrap Brady's leg in order to avoid infection or irritation and they would check back in a few days. Steven thought to himself how much easier that would have been if he just sent in a picture with Brady's symptoms...the idea for TeleVet was born.

Telemedicine isn't exactly a new concept. Virtual health care has been around since the late 1980s, starting with remote diagnoses and treatments. But it has never made it into veterinary services.

And it makes sense. I can think of numerous times I wished I could just submit my pet's symptoms and upload a picture, rather than make an appointment at the clinic, drive downtown, wait to be seen by the vet, and then get charged for advice.

TeleVet promises to make visits to the vet easier for everyone. The first step is for your clinic to sign up with TeleVet. Then you (the pet owner) would be able to communicate your pet's symptoms, along with uploaded photos or video, in a virtual consultation on the TeleVet mobile app.

Each consultation would, of course, have some sort of fee to compensate for the vet's time and medical expertise. The veterinarian would be able to provide a diagnosis and advice, then, if necessary, request a follow-up appointment where real treatment can be administered.


TeleVet is still in its early stages, with a small number of veterinary clinics in Texas and Oklahoma on board. But they are growing and one can expect this idea to catch on quickly, especially in this mobile technology age. They truly are trying to better connect pet owners with their veterinarians, who know the pet best, unlike other telemedicine companies.

There now is, quite literally, an app for everything.

Tell your vet to look into TeleVet services to connect even better with their clients. It will make veterinary visits easier for everyone!

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Learn About the Rise of Telemedicine in the Pet World