LAX Increases Amount of Therapy Dogs in Terminals After Vegas Shooting

Posted by Amber King
LAX Pups therapy dogs
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In wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced their method of helping passengers cope.

The 72 rescue dogs currently a part of the PUP Program (Pets Unstressing Passengers) roam the terminals offering a special kind of comfort. The dogs range in sizes from the smallest Chihuahuas to a big Saint Bernard, and they all love helping busy travelers find time to smile and relax.

The team's red vests read "Pet Me!" in bold letters, and they're rarely seen without a crowd of adoring fans. Their job is to bring a little joy to the lives of airport visitors--especially when their flights are delayed or they're faced with debilitating national news.

The program started in 2013, and the dogs roam the airport halls in shifts. With continued national devastation including destruction from hurricanes and the massacre in Las Vegas, the airport announced on Twitter the LAX Pups will be an even more frequent sight.

All the LAX Pups are registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and the dogs and their handlers complete in-terminal training to teach them about the airport. The handlers serve as customer service representatives to answer questions and give directions, and the dogs specialize in looking cute and receiving pets.

The announcement to unleash more therapy dogs in LAX was met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm. The next time you travel, keep your eye out for the airport's four-legged therapy staff.

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LAX Increases Amount of Therapy Dogs in Terminals After Vegas Shooting