Laura the Chameleon Loves to Pop Bubbles

Posted by Tori Holmes
Chameleon Popping Bubbles | Wide Open Pets

It turns out that dogs aren't the only animals that love bubbles.

Laura the chameleon shows us that anyone can enjoy a good game of bubble pop.

Hearing her owner Nick DeBakey give words of encouragement seems to be just what Laura needs to really get into her slow-speed popping. With each bubble successfully conquered and celebrated, she gets more and more excited.

You can almost hear her little voice going:

"Come on Laura, you got this. Just one more bubble, just one more. YAY!" 

Watching her obvious love of this game reminds us that it's important to enjoy the simple things in life. Who needs technology or gaming systems when this much fun can be had with a simple bottle of bubbles?

Keep on popping, Laura!

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Laura the Chameleon Loves to Pop Bubbles