Latest Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Is a Little Surprising

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Countless pets and wild animals have been rescued from Hurricane Harvey, but this latest rescue might be a little surprising.

Meet Devin the deer. Devin was one of the countless animals to lose their homes as a result of Hurricane Harvey. But luckily for Devin, Robert Rice happened upon the deer when he was swimming through the floodwaters of Vidor, Texas. And Rice was kind enough to help Devin out.

It's not everyday that you happen upon a deer in need of help, but Devin was stuck. He swam in floodwaters deeper than he is tall, and approached an almost completely submerged fence as Rice passed by on his boat. Seeing the deer in such desperate straits, Rice reached out and pulled him into his boat. And Devin's reaction will leave no doubt in your mind about his gratitude.

See the rescue here for yourself.

The full extent of the hurricane's damage is not yet known, but we do know that thousands of people, pets, and wild animals have lost their homes. The rescue efforts continue, and the animals that have been rescued are receiving medical attention and care.

It's difficult to see the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left, but you don't have to be in Texas to be able to help the people and animals affected. Monetary donations to reputable organizations can go far in aiding with hurricane relief, since rescuers can purchase the specific supplies they need.

There are also many shipments of donated items heading down to Texas. If you're near a drop-off location, consider putting together an animal care package to send down. First-aid supplies for pets are in high demand, as are pet and animal feed and care supplies.

Have you donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Latest Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Is a Little Surprising