Lady Gaga Prepares for Super Bowl Performance by Going on Horseback Rides

Posted by Stacey Venzel
lady gaga horse

Hut, hut... horse?

Lady Gaga is staying busy preparing her gig for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Her backyard has been transformed into a rehearsal space, with a tent constructed for dance and music practice.

The multi-Grammy award-winning singer bought a Malibu mansion in 2014 with stables. No stable is complete without horses, and Gaga makes time to ride hers.

Gotta feel blessed for beautiful day. ☀️

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She calls her morning trail rides a "halftime giddy up" warm-up, leading fans to predict that her horses may play a part in her Super Bowl LI Halftime Show.

The white horse was a gift from Gaga's record label bosses this past Christmas. Since acquiring her "White Angel," Gaga has even been spotted riding her to market.

#Joanne Halftime warm up Giddy-up. #SuperBowl ??‍♀️?

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True to form, Gaga is often decked out in some interesting apparel--oftentimes cowgirl-inspired--while riding horseback.

Gaga also has another horse, Trigger, back home in New York.

Me and Trigger cozy n' up for Christmas

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Will the horses make a cameo at the Super Bowl Halftime? We doubt it, but we sure would love it!

How are you predicting Lady Gaga will incorporate horses into her Super Bowl Halftime show? Tell us in the comments below!

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