Lady in Black, the Dancing Horse: Are These Moves for Real?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Lady in Black, the dancing horse, has some mad skills, with minimal help from CGI.

In case you didn't catch the creatively artistic commercial by OPI nail polish back in 2014, a horse has a show down on the dance floor with four female dancers. Equine and woman dance in tandem to choreography from different genres, ranging from ballet to hip hop.

The ebony mare's hooves are a bright color in each routine to promote one of Opi's shades of nail polish. The coloration certainly makes the dance moves stand out strikingly in the dark room. But just how much of the legwork is real?

According to Horse Nation, the black horse is a Thoroughbred trained by Frenchman Mario Luraschi, who has also worked with equines on Hollywood sets like "The Brothers Grimm."

With a number of equestrian stunts up his sleeve, Luraschi was able to get Lady in Black to perform largely without any movie magic. But, of course, some cinematic secrets did take place.

CGI was used to intensify the horse's movement in some takes, such as the tap dancing scene. An animated 3D model of Lady in Black was replicated and superimposed over the real deal. In other moments, the horse's legs were directed with black strings, called long lines, which were later photo-shopped out in post-production.

Horses are certainly skilled in dressage, but Lady in Black's dance moves did seem a little too good to be true. However, the amount of work the horse actually performed is impressive.

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Lady in Black, the Dancing Horse: Are These Moves for Real?