Labradror Stays with Boy After He Fell off a Cliff in Mexico

Posted by Tori Holmes
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After being separated from his camp group, Juan Heriberto Trevino found himself in a potentially life-threatening situation. Fortunately, a dog named Max was there to save the day.

While collecting firewood for his camp, Juan slipped and fell into a ravine in Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range. Injured and unable to move, he sought shelter under a tree.

It didn't take Juan long to realize he wasn't alone. A Labrador Retriever named Max that he had met briefly at camp had been following the boy during his search for firewood. When he realized that Juan was injured, he followed him down the ravine and refused to leave his side.

The mountain temperatures drop significantly at night and Juan's only source of warmth came from Max. The loyal Retriever laid on the boy's legs and let him hug him to stay warm.

The next morning, Juan struggled to make his way back to the camp with Max by his side. Dehydrated from the hike, Max found a puddle from which they both could drink.

Thankfully, after 44 hours in the wilderness, a search and rescue team located Juan and Max. Upon hearing of Max's loyalty throughout their pair's ordeal, the authorities agreed that this story could have had a much more tragic outcome if not for the dog.

Noticieros Televisa
Noticieros Televisa

While Juan and his family initially wanted to adopt Max, they were informed that the heroic dog already has a loving home with a local family.

If you ask us, it's probably for the best that Max stays in the area, as it never hurts to have a hero on call when you need one.

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Labradror Stays with Boy After He Fell off a Cliff in Mexico