Labrador Puppy Determined to Carry in the Newspaper But She's Still So Small

Posted by Amber King
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At four months old, this adorable puppy refuses to be bested by the Sunday paper.

Little Gracie is barely heavier than the thick Sunday paper she's been charged with retrieving, but she doesn't let that stop her from doing her job. Gracie's owner, Peter Schulz, trains all his dogs, including Gracie's mom and grandma, to do him this minor favor every morning.

Gracie takes on the task with determination and enthusiasm.

When the tiny Labrador makes it to the end of her driveway in Juipter, Florida, she eagerly pounces on the thick folds of newspaper. With a few seconds of creative maneuvering, she finally gets the stack in between her jaws. She grabs on and charges ahead only for the heavy bag to slip from her grip. She tumbles to the ground in the most adorable way but still isn't defeated.

With some encouraging words from dad, the Labrador puppy makes another valiant effort. This time, she almost carries the paper all the way to the door before exhaustion takes over. But far from being disappointed, her dad praises her for her hard work. It isn't easy being small, but Gracie won't have this problem for long.

Puppies grow at a remarkable pace, and pretty soon, even the heaviest Sunday paper won't be a match for young Gracie. She'll be fetching that paper like a champ. But in the meantime, we'll all enjoy watching her adorable struggle.

Good girl, Gracie!

What do you think of Gracie's paper-fetching skills? Let us know in the comments.

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Labrador Puppy Determined to Carry in the Newspaper But She's Still So Small