Crying Newborn Baby Calmed by Licks from Peanut the Labrador

Posted by Allie Layos
Dog and baby.

This Labrador does a better job with the baby than most human babysitters. 

Let's face it, when babies cry, it can often take parents or babysitters a long time and a lot of silly antics to get them to calm down. But for Peanut the Labrador, a crying newborn baby is no problem at all.

After a glance at the videographer to ask permission, Peanut gets right to it, taking the job very seriously and calming the baby with gentle licks and nudges. The crying ceases immediately, and when it resumes a few seconds later Peanut is right there again to offer comfort.

Who needs a human babysitter when you have Peanut on duty?

It is an amazing display of understanding between two very different creatures, and proves once again why dogs are known as "man's best friend."

Or is that baby's best friend?

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